June 25, 2021

College and University Vaccine Mandates Information here

Children’s Health Defense Canada retained the constitutional and human rights expert lawyers from The Constitutional Rights Centre to challenge the Unethical and Illegal COVID 19 Vaccination mandates, imposed by several Ontario Colleges and Universities.  View video announcement of legal action here: 

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Western University: CHDC-Ltr-Western-University

Seneca College: CHDC-Ltr-Seneca-College

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CHDC served the following Ontario College and University Legal Notices addressing unethical and unconstitutional vaccine mandates:

Brock University
Guelph University
Lakehead University
McMaster University
Ottawa University
Queens University
Ryerson University
University of Toronto
Trent University
Waterloo University
Wilfred Laurier University
York University

Conestoga College
Confederation College
Durham College
Fanshawe College
Flemming College
George Brown College
Humber College
Lambton College
Loyalist College
Mohawk College
Niagara College
Northern College
Sault College



A number of Universities, Colleges, and private schools in Ontario have recently mandated COVID-19 vaccination as a condition to living in residence, in-person learning, participation in sports teams and employment at the College. This is a direct violation of both the Ontario Health Care Consent Act, and the Personal Health Information Privacy Act (PHIPA):



Elements of Consent, Section 11, Subsection (1):  

“The following are the elements required for consent to treatment: 

1.  The consent must relate to the treatment.

2.  The consent must be informed. 

3.  The consent must be given voluntarily. 

4.  The consent must not be obtained through misrepresentation or fraud.” 


For students who do not wish to take this medical procedure: 

– They are not giving consent related to the treatment;

– They are not receiving complete information from medical professionals and from those administering the vaccine with regards to risk (ie. product monographs, VAERS reports, list of vaccine ingredients, etc.), and therefore they CANNOT provide true informed consent;

–  There is no voluntary consent.  Students are being coerced into providing consent, as refusing consent means being denied of residence accommodations by the University.



Section 23 (1):  “If this Act or any other Act refers to a consent required of an individual to a collection, use, or disclosure by a health information custodian of personal health information about the individual, a person described in one of the following paragraphs may give, withhold or withdraw the consent:

  1. If the individual is capable of consenting to the collection, use or disclosure of the information, (i) the individual, or (ii) if the individual is at least 16 years of age, any person who is capable of consenting, whom the individual has authorized in writing to act on his or her behalf and who, if a natural person, is at least 16 years of age.

PHIPA protects Ontarian’s privacy with respect to their personal medical information, which includes medical procedures taken.              No one – other than the individual and their doctor – is privy to this information.  And so, it is unlawful for the University to request this information from a student.



Your voice is important.  Please use the email addresses and phone numbers listed on this page to contact each school and let them know why this mandate is unethical and unconstitutional.