July 12, 2021

Private medical information is legislated into computerized tracking system bypassing Ontario doctors concerns!

Covid-19 Vaccination Reporting Act, 2021, S.O. 2021, c. 27, Sched. 1On June 3, 2021, Legislation enacted to collect personal information into electronic database at time of vaccination.

2. Every vaccinator shall ensure that the following information is disclosed to the Ministry in respect of every individual to whom the vaccinator administers a vaccine and every individual to whom the vaccinator declines to administer a vaccine, unless the individual has not supplied the information to the vaccinator:

-The name or names of the individual, including a legal name, an alternate name or an alias.
-The telephone number or email address of the individual.
-The individual’s date of birth.
-The individual’s sex.
-The individual’s health number within the meaning of the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004.
-Any other information provided for in the regulations.

Covid-19 Vaccination Reporting Act, 2021, S.O. 2021, c. 27, Sched. 1 (


Doug Ford cabinet halts rule on doctors reporting immunizations

Jul 07, 2018

A new rule that would have required doctors and nurses to report all immunizations they give to children has been put on hold by the new government of Premier Doug Ford.

It’s a sign of the repeated delays in Ontario’s attempts to create a province-wide computerized system for tracking children’s vaccination records.

The rule was part of a bill passed last year to amend Ontario’s Immunization of School Pupils Act. The change meant doctors and nurses would have to inform public health units about each child they vaccinate.

It was set to kick in on July 1, but the Ford cabinet halted it during its meeting two days earlier, in response to complaints from the lobby group for doctors.

“The Ontario Medical Association raised concerns with the current schedule for integrating immunization records with other health care partners,” said Ford spokesperson Simon Jefferies in a statement provided to CBC News on Friday.

Doug Ford cabinet halts rule on reporting immunizations | CBC News