July 26, 2021

Children’s Health Defense Canada challenging the “COVID 19 Vaccination” mandates by several Ontario Colleges and Universities.

Educational institutions have no business pressuring, influencing, forcing , compelling, coercing, nor extorting students to assume an Emergency Use Authorization only inoculation as a term of attending. Such dictates have no place in a Constitutional Democracy. Such contractual terms are void as unconscionable because they otherwise violate common law, statutory, and moreover constitutional rights.

Every individual is guaranteed the right to exercise their own medical decisions based on their own informed consent under the common law, statute and Canada’s Constitution under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Nor should any measures be exercised so as to reveal private medical information with respect to COVID inoculations any more than any other medical history such as HIV, STDs, or any other condition whatsoever.

Colleges and Universities are not above the law, especially the Constitution.

Below are two letters already sent out. Others are to follow to other institutions. If the policies persist, legal action will ensue.

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